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What is Akari?

A New Light

We are Akari, a ray of light, a peek into the future of the decentralized movement that is web3. A collection of 2222 Delinquents that call the Solana Blockchain their home. You are either in, or out, and there is no going back.

The Inspiration

Our team has been involved with the Solana NFT space since the beginning. We've watched many projects come and go, but felt many of them lacked a sense of identity. Some of our team members are of Japanese origin, and some heavily involved with Japanese culture. So we used Akari as an opportunity to represent the culture with its own twist.

Join The Community

Get involved with the movement. Find your light.

Akari NFT

Our Team

team member


Founder / Developer

Aime is a Founder and Developer, working hard to ensure the continued growth of our community.

team member



Jaykwa is the talent behind the entire aesthetic of Akari. She delivers consistently excellent artwork for us all to enjoy.

team member


Web Developer

Corvidd is the Frontend Web Developer at Akari, delivering our message in a sleek package.


A Seed

Our focus first and foremost is the community. Using social media, we hope to grow the Akari brand and community into something everyone can find a place in. We are taking the fundamentals of web3 and decentralization into account here. The community is and always will be our foundation. We are planting our seeds in the right places to make this project spectacular.

Prominent members and early supporters in the community will earn a whitelist as a reward for their dedication. We will also be offering whitelist through games and objectives held regularly in the discord.



Pre-sale access will be given to whitelisted members of the community. We firmly believe in rewarding those that take part and make themselves involved. We also recognize that the NFT space is large and expanding at an alarming rate. Sometimes you miss getting into a project early, so we are making sure to set aside a portion for public sale, so everyone has a chance to hop on for the ride. On the date of -REDACTED- we will be launching on -REDACTED- for a mint price of -REDACTED-.



We will be applying for listing immediately upon sellout, and shortly after that holder verification will be set up in the discord. Holders of Akari will have access to exclusive Alpha channels run by the owners and can share their own information for a chance to obtain more important roles within the community.

The Akari project was initially centered around the art, and we still believe that it speaks for itself, but with the amount of support we have received and calls from the community we believe it can be something more. Akari holders will then get the chance to influence the future of the project by rallying together their ideas and voting.



The sky is not the limit, there is nowhere the light cannot reach. To be revealed and then voted upon by the community.

Akari Preview
Akari Preview
Akari Preview
Akari Preview
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Akari Preview
Akari Preview